Friday, December 3, 2010

Reusable Cloth Sandwich Bags

 My daughter, who is seven, is always asking me what my favorite this or that is.  And of course she wants me to ask her what her favorites are.  I happily oblige.  I remember liking to ask people these very questions.  In the are of fruit, watermelon is always her answer for favorite fruit.  I was at the store and this pattern just jumped out and said, "pick me".
Besides the pillowcase, I made a lunch bag.  I watched Angry Chicken's video on how to make these sandwich bags.  So easy and funny, you think, this is not going to come out right and magically it does. 

Lay a 17 x 5 (or whatever dimensions you like) piece of fabric out.
Zig zag or serge the edges.  On one short side turn down a 1/4 inch and then turn down a 1/4 inch again.
Lay fabric right side up.

Turn aabout 2 1/2inches of the short end down.  THis will become your foldover for the top of the bag.
Now bring the bottom up and cover the 2 1/2 inches you just turned down.
Sew along the two sides.
Turn right side out.

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kat said...

Cute & eco-friendly!