Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Iron Craft #1: In the light.

 Many moons ago a co Daring Baker and I started Recipes to Rival, a group of people who wanted to do savory challenges each month.  This was before Daring Bakers had Daring Cooks.  The group grew for a while.  And then I dont know what happened but it slowly dissapated and along came Daring Cooks.  It was a lot of work doing Recipes to Rival and I have to say that my cohort, Temperance, did most of the work.  She had technical talents where I did not.  So I mostly sent out welcome letters and the like.  My point to the story is that Kat from Kat Knits and her other blog A Good Appetite joined us.  She was always there cooking, doing the challenges.  Over the the past couple years she has faithfully stopped by my blog and I hers.  I wish I could meet her in person, I would love to craft and cook with her.  Maybe have a beer or two as well.  But since I can not I decided to join her Iron Craft group.

This month, the first month was about light. And who couldn't use light both literally and figuratively sometimes.  I found this neat idea from here at Kootoyoo.  And I plan to do exactly what she had done as soon as I find my lace.  Until then I used this border lace to fashion something pretty for the challenge.  It goes up real quick.  I could see this for a wedding.  It added nice ambient light at a low cost.

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kat said...

I love the way the light looks through this! You & I have done a lot of challenges together.Don't forget to add this to the Flickr group so I can easily add it to the blog wrap up!