Monday, February 14, 2011

Basting My King

I had the good fortune of having some lovely ladies come over and help me baste my quilt.  The quilt I am working on right now I had pinned.  So this was my first time basting with stitches and stretching it on a frame.  I am hoping it will lay flatter as a result.  I think pinning is okay for smaller projects but this quilt above is king size.  I am very excited to see it is making its way to my lap! And then of course on my bed.


kat said...

wow! King sized is huge. You know I've started using spray adhesive instead of pinning or basting because it keeps me from getting puckers but, I think that is more of a machine quilting problem

nrpp said...

Looks great. glad you got it basted. On to the quilting! I have started hand quilting mine. I drown in it when I work on it, but at least I know it will keep me/us warm. Have Fun!