Thursday, July 14, 2011

Farmers Wife Quilt Along... week 7

 Cups and Saucers #25  I like this one.  Its fun and although it is many pieces, it works up pretty nicely.

My design wall (a flannel hanging on the wall) is getting full.  Its daunting to think about 120 blocks give or take but it creeps up there quickly.  I keep thinking about sashing and wonder what I will pick.
Buzzards Roost:  I like it but I am not thrilled.  Too much white.  I dunno, maybe it is because I have used so much color that it seems stark.
Churn and Dash #20 Love love love this one- the colors, how it turned out, how it whips up easily.  I could see a whole quilt of these.
Strawberry Basket #91  I like how this one turned out.  I was so excited to make it that I really jumped ahead.  I loved being able to use actually strawberry-ish fabric for it.  The little things in life make me happy.
Economy #29  A really fast, fun one.  Again it would be fun to pull together a whole scrap quilt of these, all different colors.  Since I have not yet done a repeater, I am totally wanting to do one.

Check out this quilt of Economy- I love it.
And this really cute fussy cut one- totally adorable.
Corn and Beans #21  A little too finicky for me.  I dont like all those little pieces.  Very fussy.  The great thing about it though is that it is helping me to learn.  You have to be SO EXACT with little pieces.
 Country Farm #23- this is a definite redo.  I messed up.
A fun one.  This one I do like set on white but really I would have liked any solid as the background.


kat said...

I like both the squares with the white mainly because it gives the eye a place to rest.

Rebecca Fiedler said...

I just saw a gorgeous quilt of churn dash and stars at

Take a look!