Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge: Hot, Hot, Hot!

Yep, its been hot here too.  Like many places across the USA, we have been in the midst of a heat wave.  Can I tell you frankly that I hate the heat.  Anything is too hot when it gets over 75F, at least for me.  I am perfectly content with the weather when it is 30F.  After living in Phoenix, Arizona, I gladly moved back to the North East for the colder temps.  Around here, I really can't say that too loud, 'cause besides me and my neighbor, we are the only ones that like the cold. So shhh.

Iron Craft challenge this week was Hot, hot, hot!  I have been wanting to make this pillow case dress for a while.  Iron Craft gave me the much needed push to make it.  I have to tell you that you can whip one of these off in like, an hour, tops and that includes finding the pillow case and ribbon.

I found a few links that may be helpful if you want to make one.  Here is a video on You Tube.
And here is a step by step written explanation from Dresses for Africa.  You can donate some if you like!

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kat said...

Oh yeah these dresses make me wish I had a girl to sew for! So cute. For me the dream temp would be about 65F.