Monday, September 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday: Kokopelli Dancing

Ahhh, many moons and light years before, I started this pinwheel quilt.  I am happy to report I am totally done with it.  Well, okay, aside from the tag that I have to put on there.  It's done.  My daughter is asleep under it right now.  Well at least I hope she is asleep.  Anyway.  Here it is. 
Kokopelli Dancing
My free motion design.

Here is a few pictures from my "design wall".  The quilt took on a life of it's own and kept growing in ways I had not anticipated.

I started of with a bunch of stars and pinwheels.  Some pattern from my class that I wanted to throw together.  Then it kind of grew from there with borders and such.

I machine quilted it.  Stitched in the ditch in the squares and did this kind of angular free flowing design around the borders. This is ultimately how it got its name, read here for a more detailed account of that.  But anywho, I am glad it is here and done and in use at this moment!

So I say goodbye to that project.  I am kind of sad to see it's colors go bye-bye.  They were very cheery to work on.

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