Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Gifted Stash

My parents have some friends that they go way back with.  We have picnics usually twice a year and we get to see them and their families.  Their grandchild and our daughters are around the same age, so my girls enjoy seeing him at the picnics as well.  My parents knew them from when they lived in Pennsylvania and thats going back a good 50 years.  Wow!
C, I will call her, is my parents age and she gave me some fabric that she has had for 30 plus years.  She had always wanted to make a quilt but never did.  And I gather she is not interested in making one now as she gave me her stash.  I was thrilled.  I received the stash before Christmas but with much to do I could not really do anything with it at the time.  Now, however, I had a moment after all the Holidays and birthdays.  I made her a tote.  Who doesn't need a tote.  And besides she admired the one I made for my Mom.

It was a little overwhelming at first trying to pick out fabrics that would work well together. But after spending some time with the fabrics I started seeing themes and colors that I thought would be pretty good together
Now, keep in mind, I did not exactly group them perfectly for these pics. I mainly wanted to get them photographed to post on this blog.
This flannel here, I love.  There is not a big enough piece to make pajama pants or anything.  But, I so can see it being used real soon.  I just love the design and color.  Kind of heathery.
Here is the tote colors and design that I decided on.  Since she is a traditional woman I went with a traditional design.

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Karen said...

Oh, so sweet to make a gift like that from your gift! Love the bag!