Friday, September 21, 2012

Apple Coasters

Love these things.  Very fun to make- fast and easy.  Fun to look at.  My favorite is the one with the bite taken out of it.  I need to make some more.
A paper cut out.  Looking at mine compared to Purl Bee, I see mine look more like peppers- ha!  I need to tweek mine a little.  I like mine with five seeds rather than the four they show one their website.

Brown, yellow, red, green (two shades), white.

Embroidery floss in the same shades as the felt.  I machine sewed the white part on.  It makes it even quicker.  But certainly if you hand sewed it on then  you should have white floss as well.

And of course, your big bad needle that penetrates felt easily.  Some needles do this better than others, so try a couple.
Voila.  Instant apple coaster.

Click here to the Purl Bee's pattern and pictures.

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kat said...

Really cute & great for fall.