Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SWOON... Galliantly Streaming

I love to take "photo shoots" with my new quilts.  It is so much fun.  I have only done it two times but I need to do some more!  This time because I had my daughter with me, I felt braver.  I always kind of feel dorky and out of place to go somewhere by myself and just start taking pictures.  I feel like I am this big, red, sore thumb sticking out.  Isn't that kind of silly?  Yet, with my daughter, who is nine... I feel safer.  What is up with that?  Really it could be anyone with me and I would feel more normal.

In this first picture here you can see I quilted it with shooting red stars.  It was my first time on a long arm and I had a blast.  I think the lady at the shop thought I was nuts coming in with red thread on a white background.  Frankly, I was a little nervous about it but it turned out fine.  And they really look shooting.  That is why I named the quilt, "Galliantly Streaming".
We live near the Erie Canal, which if you do not know was a major waterway that brought goods to and from places across the ocean.  The major lakes were connected- Lake Ontario, Erie and then the St. Lawrence Seaway.  Rochester, NY is called the flour city as we were once major producers of flour.  It traveled down the Erie Canal.  I could really go on about it but you can check out all kinds of information on the internet and through books.  So here is a link or two to get you started.
My daughter had to get in on the picture taking action.  So here it is.  I think it is a great shot I just wish it was turned to the right a little. If you just look at the quilt and not the scenery than it looks like it is on point.  When I look at the scenery, I get a little dizzy.
If you don't already know about the Swoon quilts and would like to give it a go then check out this pattern or here and there is also a Swoon group on Flickr!  Lots of fun!  This quilt was super easy and super fun!

Honestly, I am not really a pattern girl, not so much anyhow, so I kind of just did the size etc. on my own. Mine ended up being a little bigger than the pattern.


kat said...

It really is gorgeous & I love the shooting star quilting. A long arm machine sounds so intimidating!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I feel the same way! I love taking a quilt out for shots but feel so dorky doing it. lol

Your quilt is beautiful.