Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bobbins, Bobbins, Bobbins

And hanging threads.  Oooh, I can not stand hanging threads.  The hair things help to hold those strings in but then you can not see the color of thread that is on the bobbin.  I heard about this idea... somewhere.... can't remember where I heard about it.  A great idea, really.

I bought 3/8ths size tubing in the plumbing section of Lowe's.  Cut it about as wide as the opening for the bobbin.  Opened it up and fit it around the bobbin.  Now, I can see the color of my thread and the thread stays neat and tidy. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

String Quilt

I saw this string quilt block on Molly Flanders blog a long time ago.  Made me jump out of my chair and start the same project.  It is a great way to use up scraps.  If you dont know anything about string quilting.  Go to the library or go to a book store and find a book on it.  Heck, just look online.  So much to see out there.There are lots of different patterns. If you like this one go here at Molly Flanders for a tut.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Carol Doak Piecing

My quilt guild is doing Carol Doak, Paper Piecing, for our block of the month.  I have done a little paper piecing.  I am happy to be doing this book to gain some experience.  Where was this knowledge when I did my pine tree quilt?  These trees were so much easier. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

Focus and Finish

While my internet has been down, I have been busily finishing off projects.  I think one of the major things that "Easy Street" taught me was to focus and finish.  That is my mantra for the month of February.  I started organizing my stuff and realized just how many UFO's I had laying around.  I have been picking up oine at a time and when I feel the urge to get distracted I remind myself that I need to finish and then I can move on to the next project.  Its really hard not to get distracted and start yet another project.  But I have been doing pretty well.

So far....

I made a cushion for my window seat.  I had painted the room where I sew and then had a new rug put in last year.  I found if I layed this wood shelving that i have on its side, it fit perfectly under my window.  I made some Roman shades last year as well.  The window seat has been naked since.  And bugging me.  Unfisnished business. I can happily say, its now done.

Then, eh hem, I bought some fabric eight year ago. I bought it to redo the curtains.  In my defense I bought when my daughter was a wee baby and we had just moved into a new house.  Not a lot of time for sewing.  But alas I have pulled it out.  I have been working on the curtains, doing some problem solving.  But I did find a use for some of the fabric...

Pillows.  I made one, I have two more to make.

I bought some iron board padding some time ago... Three years ago to be exact.  Finally, have made something with it.  Something I could really use.  A portable ironing pad that doubles as a bag for an iron.  I had enough left over to make a little board for near my sewing area.  The one I currently have is just too narrow.

And the one at the top? Well, that's on my list to do...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sketch of the Week: flourish

I have not had internet for almost a week.  It feels like an eternity.  It is amazing how hooked I am on the internet.  My connection to so many people.  Reading blogs is so validating, knowing I am not alone.  Facebook to see how family and friends are doing.  Emails, often vital links to people.  Goodness, how dependent I have become.

I am behind in posting my sketches.  This is flourish.  A beautiful word.  We had fun sketching this out.  This may be the start of a beautiful artistic tradition with my children! My youngest joined us this time.  She wanted her plants to flourish with some water.  It all started because I accidentally spilled something on her paper.  She was a little upset at first.  But then I said artists always change mistakes into part of the picture.  (well, maybe not always).  And she quickly turned her thinking around, got up and poured herself a glass of water and sprinkled it over her paper.
 This one is my oldest daughters who decided to go with a poem and drawing.
 Here is the water sprinkly one by my youngest daughter.
This one my oldest daughter did.  Not so much about flourish but rather about our dog.  I just wanted to save it in a picture because I liked her angle.  As a child I don't think I would have thought of aerial views, nor do I think I could do one.  I have to say that Bella's art teacher has a lot to do with her abilities.  She has done a great job teaching my kids about art.  We couldn't ask for a finer teacher.