Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monster Love

I have been totally inspired by these amazing kids.  These two young boys design and make monsters.  They are sold for 30 dollars.  One you get and one is then donated to kids in need. It's called A Monster To Love. Great job boys (and their wonderfully supportive parents- I am quite sure).  Click here to go to their site and buy a monster.
If you make some monsters, like I did, be very careful.  They are incredibly addictive.

My monsters were made for my kids.  Well, and one extra.  Maybe for me.  In order from left to right, Charlamaine, Reynauldo, and Adrometer.  Reynauldo was my first monster and my one daughter was kind of jealous that the other daughter got him.  Reynauldo was named after a client that I once had.  He certainly was not a monster.  When he had a temper- yeah, but most of the time he would hide in corners and peak out at me when I came to see him.  A shy kinda guy but coquette at the same time.  I just loved him.

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