Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lancaster AQS Day Two

My dyed fabrics- rinsed, washed and dried after my return home.

My friend and I took a class from Frieda Anderson, Flooded With Color.  She is a great teacher to take a class from.  She knows what she is doing, has lots of experience and can impart knowledge in an organized way. 

It was so nice to spend the day playing with color, especially having a buddy to share that with.

Here are some pics from the class.

 Students in line waiting for Frieda to give them their kits.

 Our work station.
 My partner in crime, Sandy, of Quilting For The Rest Of Us.
This is the room where we worked. 
Sandy and I.

And some more pics of my dyed fabrics. Love them.

My pastels were a bit mottled.  Totally okay with me.

These are my favs- coincidentally they are my bigger pieces of fabric.

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