Wednesday, May 7, 2014

X and Plus Block

This block was originally called Spools.  It was first designed by Nancy Cabot. In 2010 a woman named Setsuko Inagawa did it for the Tokyo Quilt Festival, something I dream of going to. A lot of people fell in love with the block and started a Flickr Group and Quilt Along (QAL). It is now more commonly referred to as 'x and plus'. A blog called Badskirt did a tutorial for a 7.5 inch block.  Click here to go to that tutorial.  You can also find the measurements for a 12 inch block here at Portland Modern Quilt Guild.  Here are some other, very cute examples at Gone Aussie Quilting.

I am kind of late to the party but I am in love with this block.  This is the first one I made (before final pressing). I think it is so cute. I will definitely be making some more of these.

I do remember seeing this quilt a few years ago.  And I think I was more focused on the macarons (ha ha) and the overall French look of the quilt than the background.  But now my attention has shifted.

So I have made about four of these and plant to keep on working on them. With my scrap quilts, I accept the fact that they are works in progress.  There are little squares that wait for scrap and then me to have a moment to put them all together.  Its like that with my 1000 pyramid quilt that took three years to put together.  No repeaters. Now, it's done (and waiting for inspiration to quilt it).

** Colorful by Be*mused, via Flickr
Photo by Be mused

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