Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 9: Antiquing

I am not a big fan of antiquing.  Some aspects of it I like...  It kind of depresses me.  Especially looking at older clothes.  If I look in a history book of styles from the past it does not bother me.  For some reason in an antique shop it does.  Dolls too.  I have no idea why.

My brother and sister in law are big into antiques.  When they come to visit I like to go with them.  Last year I was on a quest for milk bottles.  I bought several and I really like them.

This year it was antique cook books.  I freaking love them.  They have a ton more recipes in them than most modern day cook books.  And because I am "from scratch" type cook - its perfect.

The above is my collection.  Okay, I know two of those are not antiques but they were at the antique shops and I love them.

The one called, "Womans Home Companion Cook Book is full of great recipes.  The Round The World Cookbook is totally bookmarked by me with all kinds of recipes to try.

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Vanssmomc said...

We love the Dinosaur BBQ cookbook! I have some great old cookbooks too and I love them!!