Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Messenger Bag

I had some scrap corduroy fabric that I bought from a fabric store.  It was part of a bag of scraps that cost me 3 dollars.  Woot woot.  It was a half yard of the flowered print and nearly a half yard of the turquoise solid print.  I decided to make a messenger bag for my daughter.  She weanted a new back pack for school this year.  She has three of them, so I told her I am not buying backpacks this year.  You have several to choose from.  She kept saying she was going to buy one with her own money.  So I made this.  I told her I would give her Monopoly money- a dollar for each chore she did.  When she had 30 dollars, the bag would be hers.  So totally earned on chores. 

She is going crazy wanting to get her hands on this bag.  She takes it out of my sewing room and strokes it, looks inside and dreams of having it.  I take it back to my sewing room.  We are nearly at 30.  It will be hers soon.

No pattern, my own design.  I used that flexible stiff type batting.  I love that stuff, especially for something like this where it really needs some body.
My older daughter is modeling it here.

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