Saturday, October 10, 2015

Little Lavender Fabric Ravioli's

I  got the idea from Little Quilts and Gifts from Jelly Roll Scraps by Carolyn Forster.

They're fabric ravioli's.  I needed to bring a little gift to our Halloween themed retreat.  These were perfect for the occasion.  Although I dont know how Fall like lavender is.  But it smells great in a sachet anytime of year. 

 I attached some tags to be a little more festive.
Real simple.  I just sewed straight lines, boxing a 2 1/2 strip in.  Then cut my units.  Sewed up the edges that were cut.  Stuffed them with two teaspoons of lavender flowers and sewed them shut. 


Joy said...

Love these, but can you please explain 'boxing a strip in in?

Lori said...

Absolutely Joy! What I did was sew the length side of 2 (wrong sides together)- two and 1/2 inch strips, then I sewed the other side of the length pf the strip. Then I cut "the tube" I had created into little squares. So I guess what I mean by boxing it in is that it was totally closed on both sides. But when I cut the little squares they had two small open sides. I sewed one side, stuffed in the lavender and then sewed the other side up. Then all four sides were closed.

So much easier to show then explain. Sorry about any confusion.

Joy said...

thank you I understand it now x