Friday, February 26, 2016

Hearts Block #3 Splendid Sampler

It is funny, well, funny as in strange not funny as in ha ha, how people will complain about the quilting/patterns when it is free.  Pat Sloan and all those designers worked hard on their blocks.  Why do people have to be so negative about it.  In Pat Sloan',s post a few days ago on Splendid Sampler, she wrote about people being negative and asking questions which were already answered in the directions.  Silly people! Let's be grateful to the work and designs of those who are putting these patterns out. If you don't like a block, don,t make it!  Nuff said!

When I first saw the block, truth be told, I was not excited about it.  That didn't mean I didn't appreciate the work that went behind it, nor would I ever say anything about it.  But when I put my colors in, I fell in love!  No pun intended hearts/love....

So work your colors maybe you will find it.  If not, make into a mug rug and gift it!  Ha!

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