Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Syracuse Quilt Show

Has it really been since the end of June that I have posted to my blog?  It's so hard to keep up with two blogs in the summer.  I do my best.  I went to Syracuse last weekend for the AQS Quilt Show. Sadly, it will be the last one as it just didn't have the turn out.  I know they were happy to see me and my friends because we sure spent a lot of money there. Ha!  Not hard to do at a quilt show.

Here are some of the quilts at the show.

I bought a light box.  I am really happy about my purchase as I have been doing a lot of embroidery lately.  I will get my use out of it I am sure.  It was my birthday present to myself.

Wafer 2 Light Box, 11" x 17"
You can get one too ordering it online.  They are available at Walmart, Amazon, etc.

A few people remarked that the show seemed to be a lot of thread painting and artsy designs and not a lot of traditional quilts.  Which I agree with

Here is a link to the other winning quilts at the show.  If I had to pick my overall favorite from the whole show, I would pick this one.  I love the feeling of the quilt, the traditional stylings, the color, the detail.  Its a winner in my book.

Janet Stone, "Ewe Are My Sunshine"

Here is a little detail of it.

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