Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bonnie Hunter Mystery

Step #2 Done

Step #3 Done

So far, I have definitely been able to keep up with the steps since I gave up Holiday cookies this year. I gain a lot of weight over the Holidays every year as most people do.  This year I decided to skip the cookies. I will make a cake for Christmas instead.  This will help narrow down the caloric consumption to a one time deal.

The kids are asking me when we are doing cut outs though.  I will have to do that...

Instead of baking I have been sewing.  I have got a lot done.  Totally excited!

My purple four patches are nearly done.  I am anxiously awaiting step #4.

To join in on the Holiday fun sewing mystery quilt, En Provence, click the button below.

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Jo said...

I like the real scrappy look too. I found some that only gave one or two squares. Great variety

TheEclecticAbuela said...

That magenta fabric is gorgeous!

englishquilter said...

Yes that magenta IS stunning!