Monday, June 7, 2010

Grab Bag Present

I made this purse for a very dear friend of mine.  A very belated birthday present for her.  When we were in high school black and red were her favorite colors.  All these years later, still the same.

Love this purse.  I think I want one in every color.  Before I show you what I did, I want to pass along two links.  One to for the pattern.  The other one is for Martha Stewart for an instructional video.

Sew all around the body of the bag, an inch or so below where it would scoop if you drew  a line from there to the edges.  Do not sew the arms/straps at all. Then sew the "neck"/the inside of the scoop. Then you turn it out and stuff the one bag into the other so that right sides are facing out.
On both sides fold the edges in a quarter of an inch and press and pin. Stitch a  quarter inch down both sides.

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kat said...

It does look like a simple cute purse to make