Saturday, September 25, 2010

A little outift.

I was at Joannes one day and found this interesting little leaflet that had instructions on how to make this cute little ruffled outfit for a girl. I picked it up and was intent on making it right away.  I set out to wrok over the summer working on this cute little pattern when I realized that I was supposed to have bought a specific pattern to go along with this little leaflet.  But I thought I am going to make this work. 

I used a pair of pants in my daughters closet as a pattern to make the pants.  Then I used the bodice of one of my patterns to make the top of the shirt.  Then I tweaked everything else.  I was so excited to see it turn out- turn out well.  I have been such a sub par sewer all my life.  Things just never really turn out for me.  SO this was truly a triumph.  Wahooo.  I am glad I kept on trudging along.  I guess making all those curtains at our previous house gave me the experience I needed.

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kat said...

Oh that is just so cute!