Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sampler Quilt Blocks

Here are a few of the blocks for my sampler quilt.

Jacob's Ladder-  I like this one- it's quick and easy.  I like how the design plays out.

I think this one is called Clay's Choice.  It's a type of pinwheel.
This I think is my favorite so far.  I am a sucker for anything nautical or beachy.  I can see a whole quilt of this in red, white and blue's- very cool.
This is the basic pinwheel design.  As a large quilt full of pinwheels in wild colors- I think it would be totally breath taking.

And if you are the least bit interested in quilting I highly recommend taking a class.  It has been so fun  and interesting and VERY inspirational.  I made my first quilt about twenty years ago-  Sorry to say that it is in the landfill because I totally messed it up.  The second quilt I made is in the other room about to be finished- machine done.  This one will be hand quilted which I am looking forward to.  A huge learning curve for me.  I wish I had done it twenty years ago.

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kat said...

wow, they all look great! I'm looking forward to taking a class as well