Sunday, December 19, 2010


Who doesn't like to win things?  I did and I did a little happy dance when I found out.  I went to Twin Fibers blog to enter a giveaway for pot holders.  I have to say I had a serious need!  I have been buying totally useless potholders for the past year.  They just dont work.  I tried to make myself a pair of potholders and I have to say it was pretty much a waste of time because I totally screwed up the binding,  Now that I have a little more experience I may try again.  But then enter the giveaway... I won.  Yeah baby, I won. 

And I have to say now that I have received them I don't want to use them because they are just to dang pretty!

Thank you ladies, I love them!


twin fibers said...

You're welcome!!
Merry Christmas!
:) Jessica

kat said...

Always nice to win something you can use!