Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beginning a New Quilt

I have been hand quilting my youngest daughters quilt.  It will be the first full size quilt I have done.  And truly you can tell it will be my first one (the pieces here are for my other daughters quilt.).  The squares are a bit out of alignment in some areas.  The quilting is a bit jaggedy and off.  It is so imperfect it isnt even funny.  But I dont care.  Dont get me wrong.  I am certainly getting better with time and I am striving to become more perfect.  My daughter, when she puts it on her bed, won't even notice.  All she will feel is that I made it for her with lots of love and care.  Hopefully by the time she gets to be an adult I will have perfected my craft.  But she can show this first one and say this is when my Mom sucked at quilting.  She will know that with time we improve ( for the most part).  She will know that being slightly imperfect is acceptable too. 

I see way too many crafters out there trying to make everything so perfect.  And really that is good but you guys make beautiful stuff and it comes from your heart.  Honor yourselves. 

That was a bit of a tangent because I wanted to tell you that my oldest daughter has been itching for me to get started on her quilt.  Last week I did.  I have spent many hours searching for the right pattern.  She has looked with me too.  And funny I wans just playing around last week with some variable stars and I liked it.  She liked it too.  The start of the quilt for my daughter!


kat said...

I think it looks amazing!

nrpp said...

Beautiful! I love the bright colors.