Saturday, January 8, 2011

Doll Quilt: Around the World

Although it may be small, this is the first quilt I have done completely; pieced, sandwiched, hand quilted and bound.  It is simple but I really like it.  My girls already have doll quilts so I am not sure what to do with it.  Maybe save it for my first Grandchild.  I will probably end up giving it away.
My quilting teacher highly suggested using solids for backings (after I had already chose this).  And so funny because I love the quilts out there in blogland that have a strip of fabric from the front on the back.  I like it because it is a simple design for days when you want a change.
I love the printed fabric on this; sing, dance...  I am so grateful to be able to sing and dance when I can (I didn't say I did it well and mostly in the comfort of my own home). 


kat said...

Good work! I can't wait to start my quilting class next month learning to do everything by hand too.

Katherine said...

Great little quilt, Lori! I think your fabric choices are lovely - I especially like all those polka dots. I'm not much for solid backings, either. I like pieced ones or ones that have interesting fabrics (like yours) much more.