Monday, February 28, 2011

Dancing In The Garden

Yesterday morning I finished my first full size quilt.  I have only done mini's for my daughter's dolls.  This one is for my daughter Alexa. I am calling it, "Dancing in the Garden".  It's a simple design that I did long before I took any classes or read anything.  I knew nothing about anything.  If you saw it in person you would giggle at my mistakes.  One of the wording squares is sewn upside down, the squares are sometimes misaligned, half of it is machine sewn and the other half is hand sewn; beginner type stitches, so many things wrong.  But you know what it is right for my daughter.  By having her Mama's very first quilt,she will know that no one begins with excellent work.  It takes time and practice.  She will know that when you are diligent enough, even if there is mistakes, you can and will finish what you set out to do.  She will know that each and every stitch was sewn for her with lots of love.  She will know it is for sure not cookie cutter, factory made.  So even with all its mistakes I am happy to have it and give it to her. 
This afghan was crocheted by my mother for my daughter.  One of the layers on her bed.
This is the back.  You cant really see all the squares too well but they are there.
Here it is on her bed


kat said...

I think it looks fabulous! I have my first quilt sitting proudly on my couch & I'm the only one who notices all the mistakes

Katherine said...

Congrats on your first bed size quilt, Lori! It's lovely and what a special gift for Alexa from her talented momma. She'll cherish it.