Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge: Hometown- Rochester,I could not get the aluminum foil off th NY

I could not get the aluminum foil off this.  Eh, a little shine.

Me and the kids had some fun with Perler beads.  I made a lilac flower (please use your grace and imagination to pretend that I actually made something that vaguely looks like a lilac- humor me!). 

Lilac's are huge here in Rochester.  I read in Victoria magazine in the 90's that us, Rochester, NY and Minneapolis are two of the major lilac centers.  We have an annual lilac festival here that attracts visitors from all over.  It is one of my favorite things to do in the Spring; walk around the park and inhale the scent of lilacs and just marvel at their color and beauty.

While my Perler bead lilac may be lame, the lilacs here in Rochester are most certainly not.

My five year old and her friend did a mighty fine job here, don't yah think?


kat said...

How funny you & I live in the biggest lilac cities. I remember moving back here from San Francisco & just being blown away by the scent in the spring

Katherine said...

Oh, I adore lilacs! I had no idea that your city is considered one of the two major lilac centers. Sounds like Spring would be a heavenly time to visit Rochester.