Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iron Crafters: Contest Challenge

Here is my entry for Iron Crafter!  Yea, finished!

I had some technical difficulties with my sewing machine so I was a little under the wire.  Literally I put the last stitches on an hour ago..  I have a brand new machine and I am having some adjustment issues.  Once I am fully up and running I will be in the groove.  Right now I am struggling to learn all the ins and outs of my new machine.
Before border/trimming.
My intention was to make a decorative center for my table.  I wanted to use a star for a snowflake kind of effect.  I was going to applique it on to the glacier square.  But I liked the glacier square so much I decided to keep going with that and make myself a throw for the couch.  So instead I made a hexagon shape and want to put some decorative trim on it but haven't found anything to my taste yet.  I am submitting it 'as is'.


kat said...

I just learned the 8 pointed start this week, oh man was that center ever hard!

Kathleen said...

looks beautiful!

kathleen xx