Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iron Crafters: Week 5-

While hearts may be a bit kitschy to some, they certainly are not for me. I have two young daughters who, of course, go crazy for this stuff.  As you can see, I also went crazy for hearts this week for the Iron Crafters Challenge. I made the loot bags and used some scrap ribbon/embellishment I had laying around.  I just folded over the top two times inside, placing the ribbon inside the seam and top stitched. It's a very simple gift pouch.
I saw this cute little card in Martha Stewart's magazine, Living.  This one I am going to give to my husband.  But I will probably make the girls one too.

These are little pins they can wear for school on Valentines.  We made construction paper woven hearts for school Valentines and attached hugs and kisses candy. With the felt I used pins to hold it in place while weaving and then sewed it with a blanket stitch.  I finally had a chance to try that stitch.  My Mom had given me a fleece blanket years ago with a blanket stitch sewed all around.  I love how it looks.
Then I saw some cute hair pins at this site that were just adorable.  I did the blanket stich on these too.  Comes out much nicer with thicker thread.
I doubled the felt to give it a little heft.  Then when I placed the hair clip on the back I cut a small hole in the first layer of the back to push in the pin.

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kat said...

I love hearts too, think its the Swede in me as we always decorate with heats for Christmas.