Saturday, February 19, 2011

JACKPOT: Scraps!

 I just bought a new sewing machine that I am super excited about.  All I want to do is sew.  Sew. Sew.  My small den is being over run by WIP's ( I assume that means works in progress). While I was there for some of my training on my new machine I saw they had a some bins with scraps in them and some plastic bags. I could fill a plastic bag for 3.99.  It actually was a little more full than what you see above.  I had a bunch of blues that I used to make a glacier block.  You can see it peaking in the corner there.
I am not big into Halloween but I thought these were mighty cute.  I am going to make my daughters some bags for Halloween.
Here is a little more detail of what I bought.  I love the batiks.


Kerry said...

Thanks for your lovely comments about my block party spools block :) Look at all those fabrics, you get the best prices in USA!

kat said...

Oh I need to find a place with something like that for my string quilt

Katherine said...

Oh, what a great deal! Lucky you to find such yummy scraps. Have fun creating with your new machine and scrap treasures. :o)