Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Iron Craft: Wish You Were Here

Can you see me sitting there in that little hut?  ... Me neither, but I am beginning my visualization process by hanging this little post card near my desk.  Each time I look at it I will picture myself in that little hut, on a lounge chair, sipping a tall glass of mint iced tea or some tropical drink.  Drawing, napping, relaxing. Whatever the acitivity, so long as it is warm and hospitable. 

The challenge this week for Iron Craft was a Wish You Were Here type Postcard.  I spaced the challenge until Monday night.  So my dreams of making this super cool went out the window.  I was thinking sand and sparkles on the outside... maybe some shells.  I think I will still work on it though.

You can't really see the decoupage but that is what I did.  I think it needs like ten more coats before I finish it up.
I found the picture on a soap wrapper that just so happened to smell like coconut.  I just used it this morning, closed my eyes and dreamed of coconut smelling lotion products, sitting on the beach.  It was a lovely thought, considering it was pretty chilly here today.

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kat said...

Can I be sitting next to you with my own cool drink?!