Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Iron Craft: Flowers

I tried to make a flower cork.  You know- it just didnt turn out like I envisioned.  I could try again to perfect it but I have lost interest.  I need to think about a way to use up the corks I have been saving.  Oh and the empty thread spools too.  Hummm.

I love this tulip.  So pretty. Nothing beats nature. 
These satin rosettes were also not what I expected.  A little loss in my crafting mojo.  After just having returned from vacation, faced with a mountain of laundry and then my daughter's First Holy Communion, I just have been overwhelmed.


kat said...

I have tried again & again to make fabric flowers & they never turn out as pretty as the ones I see online.

Yarni Gras! said...

you know, I really love how it turned out....maybe not as structured as you envisioned but I think its still lovely!