Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Signature Bears

Got this rocker at a Craig's List outing for 25 dollars.  I just love it.

I have been so bad with Iron Craft.  Its not that I havent wanted to do my project of the week.  I have every intention then BAM the week is gone.  Vacations, First Holy Communion and now last week a retreat.  A quilters retreat.  The first time I have been away, by myself, since I had babies.

I may not have completed the craft of the week but I did complete a few projects at the retreat or made serious progress on some of my other projects. 

This bear, my daughter saw at a quilt shop.  She wanted me to buy the pattern and make the bear.  My daughter really doesnt ask for much so when she does I usually give it to her. (Like she didn't even want to request anything for Christmas last year). She told me she would like either an animal pillow or a signature bear.  Since she is leaving her school next year I thought I might give her the signature bear.  I didnt buy the pattern, I made it up.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  I wish I had put more of a neck on it so I could have achieved a more round face but I am still pretty happy with the result.  I love doll stuff.  So fun to create.

What I did:

I cut out a round, marking where I would put the ears.  Next I cut out the ears, sewed tow pieces of fabric with the batting on top together.  Turned it inside out which made the batting go to the inside.  I then sewed the inside of the ear.  I made the nose with batting on the inside and the eyes just black rounds with 1/4 inch turned under. I did put blush on the bears.  It really made them come to life.
I had to make one for my other daughter as well.


kat said...

They are very cute. I know what you mean about the weeks just slipping by everyone is complaining about how busy May is.

Katherine said...

I bet you daughters loved the signature bears - they're so cute!

What lucky girls to have such a crafty momma to sew for them. :o)