Friday, May 27, 2011


Many times I have visited blogs and heard about all of you in your quilting bees or knitting groups or what have you.  I think to myself, "aw, I want to meet some people that are into sewing as much as I am."  At the beginning of Spring I did just that.  I purchased a new machine and met a new friend at the quilt shop where I bought it.  Since then, she has introduced me to lots of groups and I have even been on a retreat.  Which was utterly fantastic! I went away on a three day weekend.  First time I have been away by myself for a weekend in my whole married life. It was strange but I got over strange real quick and had a wonderful time.

While on the retreat they had a mini silent auction.  I won the notions below.  I was so excited.  I love this kind of stuff. 

Then the quilt shop where I shop had an auction of their quilts.  Every time you purchased something in the store you recieved play money equal to the amount you spent.  At the auction you used play money to bid on quilt tops, table runners, wall hangings and what have you.  I was not going to hold onto my money and miss one of these quilts.  I bid a lot, but many quilts went for close to 200 dollars of play money.  That's about all I had to spend.  This piece above is about 36 x 36.  The auctioneer said it was carnations which is January's flower.  Both of my children were born in January so I had to get it.  I paid 40 for it.  Not too shabby, eh? I am going to turn it into a twin sized quilt.

I also got another quilt. A much larger quilt but still not a bed size- more like a child size blanket.  I paid 155 for that one.  All with my "play" money.  I was a happy camper! I will show you that one when I am finished with it.  I bought the backing on the way home from the auction and the batting this evening.  I will machine quilt it so hopefully I will have it turned out relatively soon. 
This tulip is from my garden.  When it started to wither, I thought it still looked rather beautiful.  I placed it in this recent garage sale purchase and I just thought it was pretty.  Even a withering flower is beautiful.  (Garage sale find- wooden bowl- 1 dollar).
Here are the lovely silent auction winnings.

But better than all these winnings is finding lots of lovely ladies who are just beautiful! Thanks J and V for taking me in.

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