Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge: Conquer Your Fear

Here is something that I have been wanting to try and was somewhat ambivalent about because of my fear.   Fabric Dying.  I have seen it before with lots of cool ideas... snow dying salt dying, etc.  Over the weekend I went to a retreat.  One of the ladies in our group gave a class on fabric dying. I joined to give it a go as it is much easier to jump into something you are afraid about with someone holding your hand- is it not?

I still wasn't quite sure about it.  Silly me.  I LOVED it.  While I do not have tons of money to jump right out and buy some dyes, I will be open to classes in the future.  I think I may do some natural dying- beets and all and see what I came up with.

We used a cotton that is prepared or shall I say not prepared for dying (called PFD).  It is natural cotton fabric without dyes or sizing or anything like that.  If you use a Kona cotton for example, you will have to scour it to get any chemicals off of it that might be present.


kat said...

They turned out great. I haven't tried dying myself either. I love the way some natural dyed yarns look. The Science museum here has a whole display of yarns dyed with different natural things.

waggonswest said...

Very nice fabric. I'd love to see what you come up with using the natural dyes.

Anonymous said...

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Sandy H said...

I finally posted my fabric pics this afternoon: It was a hoot, wasn't it? Loved doing that!