Thursday, October 20, 2011

My New Blankie

This is my Mom (ain't she beautiful?), delivering my blanket.  Isn't it beautiful?  She asked me some time ago what kind of afghan I wanted.  We went to the store and picked out the colors.  The colors I chose were very counter intuitive to her.  She invariably adds white or cream in her blankets.  It's rare we agree on the colors of things.  She tends to pick subdued colors while I pick brights.  She tends to pick quilts that are traditional and very simple with maroon or beige or blue or green.  Nothing too wild.  Me, I tend to pick off beat designs or modern looking things or bright or wild.  As far as art goes.  She picks a very traditional, yawn, simple kind of picture.  And me- well, I like sweepiness and artsiness.  I like wonky.  I like untraditional.  So you see, as far as that goes, my Mom and I coudn't be more different. 

When she agreed to do the colors and design I wanted, it was a bit of a stretch for her.  Granted it still is simple in design but I had to pick something that she would be willing to do.  She kept asking me- are you sure you don"t want another color (like cream)?  Or are you sure you just want stripes?  (I love stripes and darn if I can't get my husband to wear rugby shirts.) No, Ma, I am good where we are. 

I think it is perfect and she surprised herself by liking it.
You can not tell here but there are two light blues- one is periwinkle where the other is a heather blue.
Thanks Mom, I love you.


kat said...

I bet it will be nice and cozy for the winter. It turned out beautiful

New Quilter said...

Hello! I have a question. In the picture below your spools of thread there something that looks like a pin cushion that has a hole in the middle for holding things. Can you tell me what exactly it is and if you made it or bought it?

Lori said...

New Quilter you just happened to catch me online. That is a pin cushion/holding basket. I made it from Seam To Me by Ann Marie Horner's book and some adjustments from Texas Freckles. You can see my post here