Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Iron Craft: April Showers in December- sure why not?

My daughter and I had some fun over this past weekend making these pins and barettes.  I had saved some really cheapo hair bands that had these cute little flowers on them with ladybugs as well.  The hair band became very stretched out really fast.  I could not part with those cute little buttons that were on there so I have been saving them.  And since the order of the day since last January is to use up what I have or get rid of it.... it was the perfect time to use them.  Didnt they come out cute.  So glad I saved them.
Since it is bring back one of your favorite Iron Challenges or do one you missed I figured I'd better get an Iron Craft post on my blog.  I chose April Showers- flowers!  Thank you for doing the Iron Craft.  Ladies I apologize for missing so many weeks but I will do better in 2012.  I am so joining Iron Craft again.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

They turned out super cute! So glad you are joining us again next year.