Monday, December 19, 2011

Secret Santa Was Very Good To Me

Our Quilting Bee had a Secret Santa gift exchange for those who wanted to participate.  I joined in.  These things always makes me nervous because I always worry the person will not like my gift.  I will share what I gave on the next post.  I did receive an amazing gift from someone in the Bee that I happen to be friends with.  That girl, M, knows what I like.  She knows I adore Kaffe Fasset's fabric.  She knows I love scraps and she heard me talking about my desire to do Mariners Compass Star.  Dang, she is good.
She made this adorable little duffel, that I totally need to get the pattern for.  Is she amazing or what?  Perfectly sewn!  You rock M!
And being the smart and wonderful person she is, she added chocolate.  Love it!  Mint chocolate happens to be my all time favorite chocolate combination!
Then she cut 10 inch strips down the length of her fabric and rolled them all together.  Layer cake?  Is that right?  I am still new to these terms. Aren't they luscious?
10 inch square cuts of fabrics.  Totally delicious as well.  I am so loving these.  I will have to just sit back and admire all this stuff for a while.
And finally this great pattern which I hope to work together with M on.  She has a pattern as well.  I like that M- one for you, one for me.

And let's not forget that really cute gift basket.  It's a drum shape.  Don't you love it?  I do!

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kat said...

What a great gift!