Monday, January 23, 2012


I have been having a blast, totally into my creative process.  I have been working on this as well as a Round Robin for my quilting guild.  I am so loving it.  Right in the middle of this creative frenzy, (you know it is a frenzy when the state of my table has mounds of luscious fabric piled up on it), I decided to get out my quilt that I pieced together during my first quilting class.  It needed to be quilted.  THis King sized honkin' hunk of a  quilt has been calmly asking me to quilt it for some time now.  I see it sitting on the shelf and I keep telling myself, soon, I will quilt it soon. 

The time has come.  Me and that quilt are becoming one.  I have to tell you though. (am I alone in this?), I hate it.  I hate the color, I hate the look, I hate the thread I chose to quilt it, I hate the backing, there are tons of mistakes and now I even hate my quilting.  Well, I don't totally hate the quilting.  I like parts of it.  But the quilt is poorly pieced so it is giving me a hard time.  I am starting to wonder if I even want to put it on my bed.

I would much rather be working on the quilt I started above.


Sandy H said...

Do you really *want* to quilt it, or do you feel *obligated* to quilt it? Someone else might love to finish it--some people get a lot out of finishing up other people's UFOs. On the flip side, I can empathize with the need to finish something yourself so you can call it done! I've taken both approaches--giving away a UFO I no longer took any enjoyment from, and finishing one so I could feel that sense of accomplishment. If you decide to finish it, be sure to treat yourself with someone when you're done!

kat said...

I say if you don't like it anymore don't finish it, especially if you don't think you'll use it. I know it seems like a waste but I bet you learned a lot making it.