Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Iron Craft: Paper Craft

It's Iron Craft time and the challenge of the week was papercraft.  There are so many amzing things out there on the internet.  Amazing creations.  I was totally wowed.

I found these cute little Japanese women dolls on Omiyage Blog:  Simply Charming.  You can view them here.  Theirs of course are amazing, done wiht beautiful paper.  I have to say if I see beautiful paper like this, I think I will pick some up just to make these Japanese women- they are so beautiful.

It takes about 20 minutes to put them together.  I can totally see why they are addicting.  I would like to make some of the blue ones.

Here is the other thing I made.  This two week thing takes some getting use to but it works so much better for me. Slow I know but it usually takes me about a week to get my inspiration.


kat said...

Oh wow, that is really gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

very sweet...great paper, what kind is it?