Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Iron Craft: Hearts

Iron Craft challenge was hearts for this round.  I had all kinds of grandiose ideas but it didnt happen.  What did happen is these cute little door hangers for my kids bedrooms.  I thought it might be fun for them to put their name on their doors.

I had these blocks laying around from a block of the month club thingy.  The store that had them is now out of business so for sure I would not be getting any more blocks.  They have been laying around for about a half of a year of more.  I didn't know what I was going to do with them.  I dont have that many so this was good use of what I had.  I actually had two in two different color ways because I was going to make two quilts- one for each of my daughters.
Feel free to join in on the fun, go to Just Crafty Enough

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kat said...

Oh these are very sweet