Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some Beautiful Pics for Inspiration

I love the colors in this print. They are exactly the colors I have been wanting to use in my 'create- catchall-reading room'.

I wrote this sentence over a year ago on my other blog and never published it.  I found it in my drafts.  Funny enough, that is pretty much the color of my walls in my sewing room.  I really must show you the transformation.  One of these days...

I spend a lot of time on Design Seed just looking at those amazing color combinations.  I want to make quilt after quilt because I am so inspired by all the color!
I am really tempted to purchase one of her prints. I love the creamy, nostalgic quality of these prints. So beautiful. You can find this artists Etsy shop here. And her blog is here: Eye Poetry.

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