Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Stash Sale

A funny thing happened in the homeschool.  I decided not to do it.  Completely overwhelmed and utterly cranky, I felt it best not to continue.  I just looked at my daughter who was spinning circles in her seat while I was trying to talk about summarizing a book.  I looked at her and said, You know what?  I cant do this.   It was an epiphany.  She said is it me and I told her well, not really.  I said you are the little tiny straw that broke the camels back.  I said, me as the camel was weighted down by huge crates of stuff and you twirling in the seat was just the littlest thing.  I assured her it was really all my doing. 

And off she went to school.  Last week.  Or was it two weeks.  It was heart wrenching really because I was so torn over the whole matter.  So completely self punitive, seond guessing everything I was doing.

Then it happened.  She started to excitedly talk about school.  New friends, new projects, new teacher.  All that chat with a big old smile on her face.  Then I realized she is fine.  Happy in fact, to be back at school.  All is well.

Now that I have had a bit of time.  I tackled the mounds, MOUNDS and mounds of laundry that had been piling up.  Started dusting, mopping, cleaning because I just couldn't seem to get it all done before. 

To all the families out there that homeschool.  I salute you!

With a little more time on my hands I was able to go to a Stash Sale.  The woman's Mom had been placed in an assisted living facility.  Her daughter is selling her stash.  I cam home with 5 grocery bags full.  Knits in one bag for pajamas for me and the girls.  One bag of upholstery type material for projects around the house.  And a 1/2 bag of buttons.  yes, a half bag of just buttons.  All still on the cards - hand painted, cutie patootie type buttons.  The rest of the bags had quilting material.  Yeah.  Here is a few pics of the loot.

Cant wait to dig in and have piles of quilts rather than piles of fabric.

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kat said...

Man, what a find! Good for you admitting that homeschooling wasn't right for you. I'm sure you want to do what it best and right for your child, but it has to work for both of you.