Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little Stuffed Pumpkin

Take a 12 x 6 inch piece of fabric.  Do a basting stich along top and bottom.  Pull to gather and sew one end to secure it.  Stuff with stuffing.  Pull top and then rn ribbon or yarn in and through pumpkin, up and over to top again and secure.

I did not stuff with stuffing but put my scraps into a muslin ball and placed it in the pumpkin.  So I could not exactly do that up and over, through, etc.  So my ribbon doesn't give the pumpkin enough definition.  But that's okay, I like it nonetheless.

For the stem, I cut a piece of felt, in a sloped fashion, then rolled it, ending with the littler end.  I like the affect. 

I had a few scraps so I made a little mat out of a log cabin blocks.  Lots of fun.  I am sewing the binding on it now.

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kat said...

It's very cute.