Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Sketch

I am going to do my best to sketch in my journal or doodle something every week.  One of the ways I hope to accomplish this is by following this blog and getting a cue every week.  The blog is called Art Quilt Maker.  This past weeks post was "wet".
This one here didn't quite come out how I wanted.  I was imagining a girl looking down into an umbrella that had a fish in it.  I achieved nothing of what I saw in my mind.  Rather it looked as if the umbrella was some kind of outgrowth of her body.  So I cut off the body but now it looks as though I caught a head and a fish in my umbrella.  Kind of disturbing.

Next week, flashing! Whoa.


Jaye said...

I like the idea of the fish in the umbrella! I also like the way you shaded the yellow slicker. It gives a hint of yellow, but does not scream. Really nice touch. I'll have to keep that in mind.

JCMITQuilts said...

I love that you still put it out there even though it's nothing like you imagined. Everything you create is fabulous. :-) (smooches!)

kat said...

Wow, you can draw.