Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Table Runner

you can see the oops in my quilting at the bottom of the tree.  That is all fixed now as you can see at top.
A month or so ago, my friend Sandy of Quilting for The Rest Of Us took a ride to the Finger Lakes area to go to some Amish fabric and country stores.  I love to go there down Penn Yan way.  We kind went a little crazy buying fabric, for sure I did.

One of the stores, called the Quilt Room, sells some fabric but they are more of a gift store.  They have these table runners that I have been wanting for a while but I just could not hand over 58 dollars for them seeing how I coould easily make them.  After some research online I found a pattern suitable.  The pine trees are from About.com and the rest I kind of made up.

After that store we went to another store that has some wonderful fabrics and didnt I find the exact material that was in a runner at the other store.  I quickly came home and whipped it up.

This was before I decided to frame in the check boxes.

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kat said...

It looks really nice. You have turned into such a talented quilter.