Sunday, March 17, 2013

Frumpy Fun Purse

I fell in love with this purse- had to make it.  I love how casual it is.  A great purse to take along to the market or out on a summer day.  Yes, I am dreaming of summer.
The instructions were pretty good.  Its funny whenever I look at a pattern it is always daunting to me.  I read it all and I think I don't know if I can do that.  Then I talk to myself and say, Lori, one step at a time.  Just do it one step at a time.  That's what I did with this.  And yes, this purse is simple.  After I was all done I could see how simple it was.  Looking at the finished project though I wondered if it would be.
Yes, my skin is that dry.
Here is a favorite trick of mine.  I recently acquired a new orange stick to do this instead of the letter opener I usually use.  You tuck the sewed in into the tube and the push in the stick.  Holding the stick with your belly or whatever, take your thumbs and move the fabric down over itself.  Once you get it all the way through, then push out the corners on the sewed end.  Then pull the rest all the way down.
Fold over the end that isnt sewed to make it so there is no raw edges.  On this pattern it doesnt matter but I  but I wanted it to show you.  Now press.

Purse pattern taken from Quilts and More, Winter 2012.  There are a lot of great ideas in this particular magazine.  Its a keeper.

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Sandy H said...

That's a purse just WAITING for a shop hop! Very cute. You can make me one now. :-)