Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Pillow Covers

I bought some pillows at a garage sale for a dollar a piece.  Its been probably about four years since I bought them.  I generally don't buy pillows but these were in great shape.  I didnt mind the pattern on them but I did plan on recovering them anyway.  Yes, time flies.  Here it is four years later (maybe even five...) and they are done. 
I bought a scrap bag recently and there was a lot of strips in there.  I was able to use them and just a bit of fabric on the front to make court house steps and a square in a square.  I am really pleased with the results.
Love this quilting idea.  I saw it over on Crazy Mom Quilts and fell in love with it. It's easy and makes a very cool pattern and affect. They look real nice with the microfiber one that I made.  That was a happy accident because I never even considered it.

I use an envelope style because I can switch them up if I want to.  I have some for Christmas that I like to change off with at Holiday time.

Yes, I put blankets on my couches to protect them.  Hey, its better than plastic, and with little kids around I sure need it.

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