Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stash Sale Findings

Yesterday my quilt peeps, Jan of Quilting Revolution and Sandy of Quilting for the Rest of Us and I went to a stash sale.  I found some great stuff.  Some embellishments.
 Some magazines, like Stitch and Fons and Porter Quilts...
 And of course some really pretty fabric.
I even found some quilted material for a good price, considering the stuff in the store is 20 dollars+.  I simply won't buy that stuff for the full cost.

Photo: It's like "Where's Waldo" ....just "where's Lori Zappala?   She's got the keys and we need to unload to get more!!!!
Here is a shot of the room where we bought our stuff that my friend Jan of Quilting Revolution took.

Among the highlights, Sandy found 15 yards of PFD silk for 30 bucks!  Wowzer!  And Jan got a free bag- lucky duck.  I so need to copy the bag pattern!  A Lands End bag for free! Dang!

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