Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Constructing A House of Cardboard

Sometimes the kids drive me crazy wasting all my tape.  I go to wrap a present and there is no tape.  I have learned to hide rolls.  Of course, then, I forget where I put them.

This project here, however, I totally did not mind her using up all my tape.

Her little engineering type mind constructed this wonderful house with lofts that had support beams in place.

Beds for her zhu zhu pets. a picnic table, a workout room, a patio...
She felt very proud of her creation.  Her Mommy and Daddy were quite proud too. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Corning Museum of Glass

A beautiful Tiffany window.

With my brother and sister in law in town we have been going places that we might not ordinarily go.  It's an impetus to go places that we mean to go but are just too easy because they are close by.  Yes, I know that kind of sounds silly.  But isn't it normally true that people who live in a city don't necessarily see the sights of that city.  We plan our trips and go places exciting but we miss what is local.  For instance, we lived in Lockport for three years and never saw the Lockport 'cave', along the Erie canal.  Last summer we made that trek and were richly rewarded with an expert tour guide and some interesting facts about the Erie Canal and a man named, Birdsill Holly.
A really neat exhibit where you feel like you are walking into the glass.

Corning Museum of Glass has a museum, divided into antiquities and innovation.  The innovation portion of the museum is very engaging, It has hands on exhibits where technology comes to life.  There are demonstrations/classes where you will be thrilled and educated about the making of glass and properties of glass.  The area of antiquities is equally amazing with a broad collection of glass findings dating back to 700 BC, through the ages, encompassing many cultures.  It is equally fascinating as the innovation center.  
A really funny guy does an interesting demonstration.

And finally, because I am a girl who likes to shop on occasion, it has a really amazing gift shop.  It is like a mall of different type of gift shops- toys- housewares- jewelry- fine arts-.  FUN!
A man making a fish at the flame working demonstration. 

The Catholics and The Jews

Frank Lloyd Wright

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Fun and Chair Cushion Tie Ends

So, here is what I have been doing all summer.  Well, one of the things.

While I miss my quilting, I have been totally enjoying every blessed minute of summer and being with my kids.  That's not to say that they don't drive me crazy from time to time- mainly due to them arguing together (periodically).  I really enjoy taking them places and watching them have fun and it does really help with them arguing.  Not to mention I have more than one minute of conversation with my friends.  Almost no interruptions.

Believe it or not- on the Fourth of July before my family came over, I recovered this chair cushion.  Call me cray-cray.  But I got it done and it felt so good because it was totally bugging the hay out of me for far too long.
I want to tell you about tie ends and what to do with them.  Mine always seem to look out of whack or have frays or whatever hanging out.  Sometimes I get it right...  Anyway, this way works pretty well without a ton of bulk either.  I think pressing is super important when it comes to ends.


Fold the fabric in half to find the middle.  Then fold down diagonally to meet the middle.

Fold and press towards the middle for the length of the band.  If you wanted a flat end and would not have bulk you could fold that point in.  But since I was working with upholstery type fabric I chose to leave it pointy.

Fold over and press.  Sew closed starting at point.
A few days later, I decided to dress it up with a chair cover. Not the best pic but you get the idea. And yes, in the background, there, down on the right, is a project I am working on which I hope to share with you when I figure it out. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hanging Bike Tote


My expectation was to be posting all kinds of crafts this summer on my blog.  Well, I don't think we have stood still long enough to do a craft.  By the time we do get home long enough, I am exhausted.

This one I did alone while my daughter played on Club Penguin and Reflex Math.  Two great sites. 

Right now they have games for Scare University.  They are promoting their, Disney's, new movie, Monster University.  My kids love this game.

Reflex Math is through our school.  If your school does not participate in it then I highly encourage you to ask your school to consider it.  I am sure there is other programs out there as well.  The kids and I are really thrilled with Reflex Math though.

A screen shot from Reflex Math- the menu of games that can be played there.

Some of you out there may think that summer should only involve the kids playing but I think some studies should be kept up.  Number one is reading. They lose a lot of headway if they fail to read all summer.  There are all kinds of fun ways to incorporate reading into summer.  You can go on a scavenger hunt with clues written out- riddles of sorts.  

Or you can join Barnes and Noble summer reading challenge.  They read so many books and at the end of summer get a free book to reward their efforts- how cool is that? Libraries often have summer reading challenges as well.

Math is important.  Flash cards are a great way to keep up and if you can do a program like Reflex Math - all the better.  Many great apps for fun math are available as well.

  ReviewThis pic is from Math Blaster.  My kids like this one too.  You can do a Google search for great math apps or of course directly on your app store from whatever tablet you have.

Here is my simple design for a bike pouch.  Make a standard square tote-ish bag.  Make the top contrasting almost as big as the bottom.  Sew sides. Fold a 1/4 inch down from top and fold inward covering the attching seam. 

With the bottom open, sew in a round of fabric that has some stabilizer in it and has been covered with fabric on both sides.  Sew it in to bottom portion of bag. Zig zag all the edges.

Attach straps on bag with velcro to hook onto bike.  A little bit of velcro in the middle so that the bag can stay closed to protect those cool things they may find on a bike ride.

FYI - proud Mama moment- I found that awesome bike (above) at a garage sale, tread still on tires- 40 dollars.  It was a win situation for me!